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What our attendees think of Penang Seminar…

To enable me to continually improve the service that I provide, I’m always looking to get feedback from clients and seminar attendees which I use to enhance the training and solutions that I provide.

Recently, we had a well attended Seminar in Penang entitled Managing & Improving Reliability Within Electronics Product Design and the feedback we received was first class.

To give you some illumination on what you or your business might garner from one of the seminars, if you’ve not yet done attended, take a look at the comments below, I’m sure you’ll find them interesting.

The course was informative, new technique and modelling Instructor is very effective – Sandisk, Test Engineer

Martin is surely an expert in this field. I would recommend it to others who would need this training – NI Malaysia Sdn Bhd, R&D, Test Engineer

The Instructor is knowledgeable and I learned some new things about reliability prediction methods – Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, RDD Advanced Test Engineer

This is very good course for improving and managing reliability in electronics product design – QAV Technologies Sdn Bhd, Safety & Lighting Department

Martin is a serious guy and in reliability testing and with his last experience able give better insight and approach for NPD/NPI reliability testing – Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, Test Engineer

This course is really applicable to most companies. Not only necessarily for reliability guy only. Any designer should know also – Plexus Manufacturing Sdn Bhd, PDC, Hardware Engineer

Friendly, good presentation skills and has a lot of experience in this course – Premium Sound Solutions Sdn Bhd, Senior Engineer

So there you have it, just a small selection of the very positive feedback we received from the recent event.

If you want to get in touch to discuss anything related to your company’s reliability, you can call me or drop me an email on the following:

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Martin Shaw

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