Reliability Solutions Is Going Global

2016 has seen some great changes for Reliability Solutions with Global Consultancy across South Eastern Asia, India, North America, Europe and the UK.

To continue the worldwide marketing, Reliability Solutions has now teamed up with 3 key Consultancy partners;

1. Reliability Centre India –

Both companies will combine their different Reliability Skills and knowledge for training within the fast growing Indian Electronic Manufacturing sector. Reliability Centre India will provide training on Software Reliability with Reliability Solution’s Hardware training to provide a quite unique offering.

2. Oakland UK –

Reliability Solutions has now formed a partnership with Oakland Consulting to bring to bear over 30 years of deep technical testing and development experience for our clients.

Oakland are a very well established and successful UK Quality consulting company who are now focusing more of their efforts into Reliability and how to help clients manage the risks and drive down costs with improved Reliability. They have worked with Reliability Solutions before and have now formally linked up to provide the Total Solution to Reliability Improvement and Risk Management.

Click here for more information and click here for a special collaborative white paper we put together for you.

3. Petro1 Malaysia –

Petro1 have now expanded their horizon of Reliability consultancy in the oil industry to include electronics and have therefore partnered with Reliability Solutions to market the total offerings of Reliability Solutions to companies in Southern China, Taiwan and South East Asia.

The next collaboration will take place in North America with a newly formed engineering consultancy group in North America – watch for the announcement in Jan 2017!!

Reliability Solutions Global Map