Reliability Solutions Manchester May 2020

At Reliability Solutions we often get asked about doing a UK Seminar.

Each year, we run multiple seminars in various places worldwide and often with large blue chip companies in attendance, looking for new ideas.

But rarely in the UK and we feel based on the feedback we get, there is demand…

Well we took your comments on board last year and this May we are putting on one of our well respected Reliability seminars right here in the UK – Manchester to be exact.

Here are the details:


Managing & Improving Electronics Product Reliability across the Entire Lifecycle from Prototype into Volume Manufacture


12th & 13th May 2020


Doubletree By Hilton, Manchester – Picadilly

Complete details and appliation form can be found via the link below, please feel free to get in contact if you have any questions or want to discuss.

Reliability Solutions Seminar, May – Manchester

Many Thanks,
Martin Shaw
Reliability Solutions

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