Reliability Solutions FAQs

My organisation invests a lot of money on reliability testing and we rarely find any defects, yet we know some of our products fail in the field. Where are we going wrong?

Effective reliability testing requires companies to identify the correct accelerated test programme for their specific circumstances. While many companies conduct reliability testing, too many companies rarely find the defects that lead not only to customer problems but financial and reputational damage.

Reliability Solutions applies 30 years’ experience to your problem to define the correct stress test approach for your needs. This methodical approach identifies the optimum ‘test strength’ necessary to detect reliability weaknesses in your product in the shortest possible time and using minimal sample sizes.

We have been using the same reliability test programme for a number of years. However our customers’ expectations are changing and we are not sure what we can do to improve our methods. Can Reliability Solutions help?

Traditional methods of conducting accelerated testing over long periods at elevated temperatures are no longer sufficient to accurately predict product reliability.

Instead, a more intelligent, sequential approach should be adopted where different techniques are used to stress the product to its highest level without causing damage or non-representative defects. Let Reliability Solutions will define the OPTIMUM test approach based on assessment of your particular needs.

Reliability Solutions will define the OPTIMUM Test approach to MAXIMISE effect.

We do what we can with limited resources, but we lack confidence in the design quality and reliability levels of our new product. What support can Reliability Solutions provide?

Reliability Solutions can support you to define an appropriate design quality and reliability test programme for your needs. This will include a blend of functional and environmental stress testing that fully tests the design quality and inherent reliability of your product and provides recommendations for you to adopt prior to commencing volume production.

Our customers complain about the number of our products that fail under warranty, which is costing us a lot of money to correct as well as damaging our reputation. How can we improve?

You would benefit from a Reliability Solutions’ improvement programme. Applied properly, this could yield a 40-60% REDUCTION in field fails. Contact us to find out more.

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