Reliability Testing and Failure Prediction Services

Reliability Improvement Training

Martin Shaw of Reliability Solutions draws upon 30 years of reliability improvement experience to provide clients with short and intensive tailored training programmes that rapidly embed process improvements and maximise ROI at LOW COST.

Training programmes range from intensive 2-day and 4-day sessions that include focus on Design Quality / Reliability Improvement and application workshops.

All of Reliability Solutions’ training programmes are APPLICATION BASED. Appropriate theory is included that supports application solutions and enable students to realise the true benefits of reliability test / management and the relationship to fundamental theory.

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Reliability prediction and Modelling Real Life Failure rates from Accelerated testing

Reliability Solutions has set up customised prediction techniques for a range of clients to ensure accelerated reliability stress test data can be used to predict early life and longer life reliability levels. Sequential stress tests are applied in different forms to maximise defect detection capability for all types of electronic products . Correlation with field data can be made to ensure prediction models developed are robust and accurate.

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GAP analysis and Reliability Improvement Project definition

From experience of consulting with multiple electronic manufacturing companies Worldwide, Martin Shaw has developed intensive methods to assess any company’s approach to reliability management / improvement. By surveying all the key areas and practices that combine to affect design and process reliability, Martin provides detailed summary reports of all areas where weakness exists and which require improvement / upgrade to achieve World class reliability levels. His experience also enables setting of appropriate KPIs / targets to be achieved in all critical areas and processes.

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Design Quality Improvement

Reliability Solutions has developed a unique approach to measuring % design quality maturity levels at each key stage in the product development cycle. This involves assessing the customer’s quality and reliability test methods and developing a stronger set of tests plus setting up a scoring mechanism that enables measurement of design maturity.This ensures a successful objective approach to improving design quality throughout the design cycle and enabling product to product comparison.

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