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Reliability Improvement Training – Newly Updated & More Interactive Than Ever!

This training has proven to be immensely popular but in a recent update we made it even better, with more interactivity.

In the new training we invite participants to bring their own laptops to use the FREE reliability solutions calculation models used throughout the seminar.

Have you ever wondered why it is difficult to find defects during Accelerated Life Testing or High Stress Level testing Testing, yet the customers find issues you have not encountered?

Are you unable to Predict Field Failure Rates or MTTF levels from your Accelerated Life testing or make sense of the output from the Reliability Stress test?

If so, the ‘Product Reliability Improvement Seminar’ provided by Martin Shaw of Reliability Solutions will help you understand the most effective and most efficient methods of Reliability Stress Testing to provide a focused approach to ongoing Reliability Improvement and Control.

Too many Manufacturing companies spend too much money on old style Reliability Testing which brings limited benefit. Many companies are changing their approach to gain better return from their investment and minimise cost of field failures. Using the Reliability Solutions approach allows many manufacturers to improve BOTH their Early Life and Longer Term Field Failure Rates by detecting the issues in advance during Development Stress Testing.

Reliability Solutions has continually developed its unique approach to Sub-Assembly / Full Assembly Accelerated Stress Testing and Accelerated Life Testing which provides the solution to Low Volume Stress Testing for efficient Reliability Testing. FREE Tools are also available to make Failure Rate Predictions from Accelerated Life Testing.

The popular Reliability Solutions ‘ Improving Reliability In Record Time’ seminar focuses on the critical areas of improvement to manage Reliability Improvement.

Often in standard training seminars, students only manage to apply 20% of what they are taught, but the Reliability Solutions content ensures a minimal of 80% can be applied in a very short time period to maximise opportunity for improvement and cost savings. A quite unique training agenda is made available for any design or manufacturing company, this can also be tailored to meet the more exact needs of any specific company.

The 2 day session is packed with Real Life Case Studies that bring ‘Reality’ to the Seminar and allow engineers / management to apply the techniques immediately within their own business.

We have also added a session where students get chance to develop their own early life reliability test programme from their learning and get advice / critique during the seminar.

As well as this, everyone who attends will be provided with a pen drive containing all course materials, calculation models and additional content to ensure that as soon as you return to your place of work, you’ll be able to implement and see incredible results.

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As always, if you have any questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.