How Reliability Solutions Can Help

Reliability Solutions uses over 35 years of experience in Quality and Reliability Improvement to be able to understand all types of challenges facing an electronic or electro mechanical product manufacturer.

The key is looking inside the manufacturing process and design to understand how the key sub-assemblies making up the product behave and the likelihood of latent defects that will affect the product’s Early Life reliability performance and its warranty failure rate.

The traditional FMEA approach at concept and prototype stages is very important in preparing the design and also ensuring the design is easy to assemble and avoid major production issues.

Reliability Solutions develop unique tailored FMEA’s with its customers to do this and provide the key value add to get more focus on Early Life and Warranty failure minimisation.

Reliability Solutions Design Maturity measurement is then applied with a tailored Design Quality Test programme to provide a strong Development KPI that is used to control release of new product between the development phases.

This is followed up with unique and specialist Early Life / Warranty simulation stress testing that has ability to stimulate latent defects with high Test Strength.

The model Reliability Solutions focus on to bring maximum benefit to clients in SHORTEST possible time is highlighted below.

the way ahead

Once the new design reaches Mass Production stage, the Reliability Solutions NPI scoring model is used to evaluate the consequences of release into manufacture and if the product has achieved a suitably high score that will guarantee Low Early Life and Warranty failure rates

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