Why pay money buying expensive software to try to find a solution to your reliability challenges?

Engineers need much more than this, theory and fundamentals are important to understand your approach but planning the optimum balanced and affordable reliability improvement strategy requires a great deal more!

2019 is already proving an exciting year for Reliability Solutions training on implementing successful, low cost Reliability Improvement programmes for many clients in Asia and Europe. Reliability Solutions continually provide training to engineers and management which enables them to develop the most efficient and effective approach to reliability improvement and cost reduction from reduced customer failure levels.

PLUS the attendees get to use and keep all the Reliability Solutions calculation models which more than cover engineers needs to set up most dynamic and effective reliability test programmes with a wide variety of accelerated stress test approaches and statistical analysis.

You can choose to attend any of the 3 reliability improvement seminar offerings from Reliability Solutions;

  1. The new intensive 1 day Basic reliability improvement seminars for engineers or companies who need to learn about reliability quickly and decide where to go next
  1. The Standard 2 day seminars presently taught throughout Asia and Europe which give the ‘Solutions’ that companies need to find their way through the complex and often confusing options to set up a strong reliability programme without having to rely on old ineffective test standards that provide limited value add
  1. The new Advanced 2 day seminar that teachers engineers how to be more analytical and bring advanced reliability modelling and statistics into their reliability demonstration practices

Are you interested?  If not you should be!

Look at some of our feedback from our recent  training;

QAV  Technologies Sdn Bhd (QA Manager) – Very good training and presentation

Dyson Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (RDD Advanced Test Engineer) – Martin is a serious guy and in reliability testing and with his last experience able give better insight and approach for NPD/NPI reliability testing.

Flextronics (Product Engineering) – Very good and professional knowledge in reliability design guide.

Celestica Electronics (M) Sdn Bhd (Test dept Manager) – Very impressive, clear, responsive

Microsoft China (IOT) – Energetic, Knowledgable and Experienced

ATS China (Engineering Supervision) – Very practical for New Product Qualification

Veristicon China (Operation Quality, Rel Assurance) – Excellent Experience to learn Reliability concept

We are planning to now set up seminars in UK 2-3 times per year to attract customers who already realise their Reliability challenges and also those who do not quite realise it, but want to avoid potential future challenges and issues with their product performance

For this reason we are reaching out to our UK and European contacts to understand the most popular areas in which to perform the seminars and give companies the choice of our 3 level seminar offering as summarised above

We are considering the areas below and would greatly appreciate your feedback if you would be interested in any of the seminar types and also where;

Seminar Type

  1. Basic, 2-Standard, 3- Advanced


  1. Central Scotland,  2- North England, 3- Midlands area, 4- Southern England

We are looking go gauge interest levels for this type of training in the UK right now, so please let us know your thoughts on the above.

If you are interested in knowing more about any of the above options, please drop me an email or give me a call on the following details:

Mobile : 07967 144 097
Email :reliabilitysolutions@yahoo.co.uk