Managing Process Quality to drive World Class Customer Performance

You are normally seeing the marketing of our Reliability Training seminars held worldwide.

Today we are announcing an entirely new education package to help companies drive World Class Quality in their manufacturing processes.

Martin Shaw of Reliability Solutions has worked with multiple companies over the last 20 yrs as consultant and implemented many different methods of Process Quality Improvement to drive down Field Escapes and Minimise Early Life Failure rates which is the critical period for customer reliability.

As a result he has now put together a 2 day Quality Control Training programme which shows the most efficient and pragmatic approach to drive Process Quality Improvement.

This is built up from Real Life experiences and Case Studies that clearly show how to manage process quality improvement in a very organised and systematic manner using a range of measurement tools that provide vale add rather than relying on concepts that promise fast results with minimal effort.

This programme has been 6 months in the making and our first training seminar is this week in Shenzhen, China on Oct 26,27

For now, we want to provide you with some valuable information about what we’ve got in store.

If you are truly interested in optimizing Process Quality in a manner that drives results quickly, then you really should attend this seminar.

The seminar is packed with real life case studies across a range of clients.

This seminar is NOT simply using theory from standard Quality references and literature like most Quality Improvement seminars.

Instead, it shows how to use the fundamental steps mixed with quite unique measurement and reporting approaches which enable engineers and management to see clearly where they should be making change for improvement.

The seminar also provides proven methodology to predict escape rates from process to customer and how these can be minimized towards Zero defects.

If you’re curious to learn more, I’ve attached the agenda to this email and below you will find the main points of learning and objectives:

  • Determining the Importance of Process Mapping to control Process Quality
  • Understanding why detailed process measurement is so important
  • Using PFMEA to plan the best process
  • Applying the appropriate 6 Sigma tools to improve process quality
  • Using Process Yield data to predict escape levels to the field and Early Life Reliability
  • Making sure you set up the correct and effective Management Reporting
  • Identifying why Process Quality controls Early Life Warranty failure levels
  • Using Design of Experiments (DOE) to optimise process quality
  • Measuring New Product Introduction and ensuring maximum process quality

There is a lot more information contained in the agenda document which you can grab now at the following link:

Managing Process Quality to drive World Class Customer Performance Agenda

You can also now check out the registration PDF here with all the specific details you need to sign up –  Click here

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions about this, I’m ready to answer.

Reliability Team,