Martin Shaw (BSc Hons), Reliability Solutions

18 Hillside, Houston, PA6 7NT, Scotland, UK

Reliability Solutions focuses on providing the complete range of Reliability Improvement tools and Application Solutions to Significantly Reduce your product failure levels at the most expensive end of the product cycle, the Consumer.

Martin Shaw

Reliability Solutions was formed in 1997 by Martin Shaw, previously of IBM as Quality and Reliability Specialist within PC business unit. Martin Shaw worked as specialist in Product and Commodity Quality / Reliability optimisation for the Electronic Product Suppliers to IBM between the years of 1982-1997.

During this time he worked extensively throughout Asia, USA and Europe with wide range of suppliers. Since 1997 he has worked with a wide range of companies Worldwide and provided solutions to ensure RAPID improvement in a dynamic environment. These companies include many Blue-Chip companies: Daewoo Electronics, LiteOn, Astec Power, Philips, TPV, Vestel, Acer, LiteOn Power, LG, Amtran, Fairchild Semiconductors, Atmel Semiconductors, Wolfson Microelectronics, Analog Devices, GE, ULTRA Electronics, Melexis, IDEAL Heating, SKY TV, Hua Wei, Emerson Power, EE Phones, TCL, SMART Technology, Singapore Technology Kinetics, etc.

He provides a range of 2-3 day Reliability Improvement Seminars and Application consultancy to meet the exact needs of any Electronic Manufacturer. He can be contacted at:

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