GAP analysis and Reliability Improvement Project definition

Weakness in Design, Component Quality and Manufacturing Process Control leads to inherent issues in any every electronic product.

It is therefore paramount that controls exist which can ensure the highest possible levels of Product Reliability.

To achieve this requires a very broad view of how the product develops from the initial Design Stage through to Mass Production and implementing tests / controls at key milestones to ensure minimal escapes that will lead to eventual failure, either in manufacturing or at worst case in the field.

From experience of consulting with multiple electronic manufacturing companies Worldwide, Martin Shaw of Reliability Solutions has developed intensive methods to assess any companies approach to Reliability Management / Improvement. By surveying all the Key areas and practices that combine to affect Design and Process Reliability, Martin provides a detailed GAP Analysis and summary report of all areas where weakness exists and require improvement / upgrade in order to have capability to achieve World class reliability levels. His experience also enables setting of appropriate KPI’s / Targets to be achieved in all critical areas and processes to ensure a Continual Improvement Programme can be tracked regularly on route to achieving World Class performance.

Following on from the GAP Analysis, Martin Shaw will develop a series of Project Templates for the client to use in setting up teams to address all issues identified. This provides a Continual Improvement programme that can be supported ongoing by regular reviews with Martin Shaw and can also involve his skills in Project Management to assist in driving the project to successful conclusion.