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Managing Process Quality to Drive World Class Customer Performance – 26-27 Oct

Hello Folks,

We recently ran a very well received training programme on Quality Control in Shenzhen, China on Oct 26-27.

The program is an entirely new education package to help companies drive World Class Quality in their manufacturing processes.

In my role as Reliability consultant with many companies over the last 20 yrs, I have helped implement many different methods of Process Quality Improvement to drive down Field Escapes and Minimise Early Life Failure rates which is the critical period for customer reliability.

Based on the above and the quality feedback we’ll be rolling this out in a big way throughout 2018.

Here’s a note we received from one happy attendee:

Dear Martin,

Thank you very much for sharing Two days’ training. You taught me many skills in how to think differently. Replacing experiences with process mapping, replacing 8D with DMAIC ,especially for the DOE method which can help me to deal with SMT issues more effectively. Thanks a lot.

Youling Jiang , Bel Power

This exciting new seminar is packed with real life case studies across a range of clients.

It is NOT simply using theory from standard Quality references and literature like most Quality Improvement seminars.

Instead, it shows how to use the fundamental steps mixed with quite unique measurement and reporting approaches which enable engineers and management to see clearly where they should be making change for improvement.

The seminar also provides proven methodology to predict escape rates from process to customer and how these can be minimized towards Zero defects.

If you are truly interested in optimising Process Quality in a manner that drives results quickly, then you really should attend this seminar in the future.

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements of this seminar taking place throughout 2018 when we properly roll it out to our customers and clients across the globe.

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